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Heritage and Innovation

With over 100 years of motorsport success, Dunlop has the confidence and experience to transfer racing technology into high performance, award winning tyres.

Dunlop transfer their experience in racing technology into high performance tyres

Constant innovation has allowed Dunlop to develop and manufacture the very best tyres, which has been further recognised with outstanding awards from many independent tyre testers.

Dunlop constantly innovate their tyres, winning outstanding awards

Rigorous Testing for High Performance

It comes as no surprise that every tyre is rigorously tested - not just by Dunlop but also through the 360 Quality Test approach, which provides a real-world performance summary on the abilities of a tyre.

As part of the 360 Quality Test approach, every Dunlop tyre sold features a standardised EU Tyre Label that analyses and rates each tyre for fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

Every Dunlop tyre features a standardised EU tyre label

Dunlop also submits its tyres to top European automotive organisations and publications for independent testing. The tyres are often subject to an average of 15 key performance criteria, typically including tests for cornering grip, durability, fuel consumption, aquaplaning resistance, and wet braking and handling.

Dunlop tyres are independently tested for cornering grip, durability and aquaplaning resistance

In addition to the external accolades and reviews, Dunlop also puts every new tyre through 50 rigorous and tough tests to make sure that performance is guaranteed. These tough tests include testing for curved and straight aquaplaning resistance, traction, high-speed stability and internal noise.

Every new Dunlop tyre goes through 50 vigorous tests

Why Choose Dunlop?

Dunlop’s reputation for performance is why top car manufacturers fit its tyres as standard, and why it continually introduces new tyre technologies to ensure that users get optimal efficiency, control and pleasure of driving in all road conditions.

That’s why Dunlop is a performance brand, going Forever Forward.

Top manufacturers fit Dunlop tyres as standard