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Tyre Rotation

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Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is the practice of moving tyres from one position on a vehicle to another, to ensure even tyre wear to provide consistent performance and extend the overall life of a set of tyres.

Tyre rotation can be undertaken at home or at work by our mobile technicians for just £69.99. Just talk to one of our advisors to assess whether tyre rotation is suitable for your vehicle.*

The majority of cars are front-engine cars and therefore the front axle, by design, bears more weight than the rear axle, which results in front tyres wearing quicker – in some cases almost twice the rate of the rear wheels, especially when factoring the additional stress that braking puts on the front tyres.

Uneven tyre wear can also be caused by turning, the rubbing and bumping of kerbs and the under or over inflation of tyres. Finally mechanical problems may also cause uneven wear, the most common cause being the need to re-align the vehicle’s tracking.

Best Practice

Current thinking stresses the importance of keeping the best tyres on the rear wheels of the vehicle, whether it is front or rear wheel drive. The reason for this is that if the rear wheels lose grip before the front ones, an over steer will occur, which is harder to control than the corresponding understeer which will happen if a front wheel is lost. So our tyre rotation service consists of moving the rear wheels to the front, and the front to the rear, but crossing them when moving to the rear.

Please note, tyre rotation can ONLY be undertaken where;

  • Front and rear tyres are the same size
  • There is sufficient tread on the tyres and that all tyres have legal tread, in some cases (for example BMW) automobile manufacturers may recommend performing no tyre rotation at all
* It should be stressed that tyre rotation should be seen as a short term measure and the fitting of new tyres is always advised.

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