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Dash Cam Fitting

About our dash cam fitting service

Here at Halfords Tyres On The Drive, our technicians can professionally fit your dash cam into your car.

A dash cam is an additional eye on the road that records important incidents, such as collisions or unexpected bumps to your vehicle, which can then be shared with the police or insurers to prove exactly what happened. Pointing out of your windscreen or rear window if you also have a rear-facing dash cam, dash cams get their power from the 12V power outlet in your car.

How long does it take to fit a dash cam?

There are a few reasons why getting your dash cam hard-wired into your vehicle is advantageous:

  • Always on – As long as your engine is running, your dash cam is working – no more loss of recording capabilities when the cable is pulled out by accident or swapped for a phone charger.
  • Neater – All dash cam cables are tucked behind the dashboard, so you won’t forever catching wires as you change gear or climb in and out of the car.
  • Keeps your cigarette lighter free – Power your sat nav, charge your phone, travel DVD players, mini fridges or any other travel gadget imaginable without having to unplug your dash cam!

Why should I get my dash cam professionally fitted?

Typically we would expect to have the installation complete within 45 minutes, but fitting times can vary from vehicle to vehicle – we’d prefer to spend a little longer and not have to rush so we get it right.

Can I still unplug and store my dash cam when I park up?

Yes, you’ll still be able to unplug the cable and detach your dash cam to store it safely in the glove box when you’re not driving, but if your dash cam has parking mode, it’s better to leave it attached and running to record any bumps or collisions.

How it works

Halfords Tyres On The Drive brings all of the WeFit repairs and services to your door – no need to visit a Halfords store or garage.

  • Start by entering your postcode here
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