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Tyre disposal

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Tyre Disposal

The disposal of your old tyres is part and parcel of our mobile tyre fitting service and included in the price you're quoted at the time of booking.

Over 40 million tyres are disposed of in the UK each year which adds up to a massive 450,000 tonnes of rubber which needs to be disposed of in a safe and environmental way. Around 25% are re-used in various ways and 75% being reprocessed. Since 2006 it’s been illegal to put waste tyres into landfill, either whole or shredded, and the Landfill Directive sought to create more sustainable methods of recycling.

Our Duty

Everyone in the tyre industry has a duty of care for waste tyres which of course includes us at TyresOnTheDrive and this responsibility continues even after they leave our premises until they are properly recovered or disposed of. We work with a registered waste carrier to dispose of them properly on our behalf. So now you can choose your tyres and book a fitting with complete peace of mind

Recycler Scheme

The Tyre Industry Council's Responsible Recycler Scheme, created to introduce world class standards for the collection and management of post consumer tyres, is an independent industry body in its own right. The scheme has introduced world class standards of compliance and accountability to the collection and management of post consumer tyres.


So you can be confident that we dispose of your old tyres in a responsible and legislated way, and your old tyres could end up being used for any number of uses; as fuel for the manufacture of cement, carpet underlay, road building, all weather training areas and recreational surfaces.

15 gallons

It takes 22 gallons of oil to manufacture a new truck tyre. It takes 7 to produce a quality retread.


Of safety materials produced from recycled tyres include flooring for playgrounds & sports fields.


Of tyres used for thermal recovery make their way into insulating cement kilns.