Superb value for money


Whether it's at home or at work, we'll fit your tyres at a location that's convenient to you. You could save up to 40%* on new tyres by shopping with us compared to high street retailers. We’ve streamlined our processes and employed the latest technologies to reduce overheads, which means we can pass on our savings to you and deliver really great tyres at really low prices.

*Compared to high street retailers

A mobile service that fits around you


We know that tyre purchase and fitting is a necessity rather than a pleasure and we also know that for the majority of people, their time comes at a premium. Taking your car to a local tyre fitting depot is a chore and an inconvenience in an already busy day. So we’ve created a simple 3 step process to help you choose and book your tyres online, select the most convenient time and place for fitting and benefit from a team of mobile technicians whose expertise will have the job done quickly and efficiently. We also dispose of your old tyre casings and provide you with a 30 day guarantee on all work undertaken.

What’s more, we don’t ask for payment in advance and you pay nothing until we finish the job. Simple, convenient and effective.

Tyres to suit everyone


We have an array of over 55,000 tyres to meet the needs of all motorists, whether commuter, commercial, caravan owner or biker. But don’t worry, our online booking system provides you with the simplest way of choosing the tyre that’s right for you and at a price that suits. We work with all of the main tyre manufacturers to provide the ultimate choice of premium, mid-range and economy brands including specialist fitment.

Use our online booking system now to find more about the tyre suitable for your vehicle and get a no obligation quote today.

A wealth of tyre experience


We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We don't sub-contract any of our tyre fittings or services and we don’t work on a franchise basis, this ensures that we continue to deliver the high standards we built our business on from day one.

Our team of mobile tyre technicians have years of combined experience in the industry as well as benefiting from our own in-house training. Our call centre advisors are the best in the business and we pride ourselves on our high standards of customer care, so if you want to know your radial from your load rating our team of experts can help. Whoever you talk to at TyresOnTheDrive you can be sure of great customer service with technical knowhow to match.


More than just tyres


If it’s legal and safe to do so, our tyre technicians can fix your puncture and get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. Read more about our repair services and when a fix is possible.

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Winter Check

We’ll ensure your vehicle is ready for the weather, providing you with the assurance that fluids are measured and topped up and you’re aware of any essential maintenance required.

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If your tyre is in good condition and it is legal and safe to do so, our tyre technicians can carry out tyre rotation or fix your puncture to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

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Why our customers love us

Take a look at some of the hundreds of glowing reviews that we’ve received on Trustpilot.

5 star rating
Tyred and not tested

Really good experience. Arrived on time with correct tyres as ordered which were no more expensive than going to a garage. Very pleasant young man just got on with the job without any hassle. The two tyres were fitted and balanced in about 20 -25 minutes. I will use them again because it saves me the bother of driving to a garage and having to sit in a dirty waiting room when I can sit in a comfy arm chair ot home.

5 star rating
brilliant accessible service

I have used these twice in a matter of weeks for my fleet of vans. They give you a time and deliver without any problems, and they are cheaper than my local tyre fitting shop.Will definitely be using them again, and again........Kieran

5 star rating
Just excellent

Best price i could find and great service. they came to my office this time and very quickly got the job done. No issue in using them again or recommending to friends

5 star rating
A rubber is an eraser. Tyre rubber is your saviour.

When your man arrived, midway through the agreed time-slot,he parked over the road and surveyed the scene carefully. After a short ballet of car movements he was ready. There was no delay as he started the checks, the photographs, the measurements. "How long", I asked? "Perhaps 25 minutes" he said while continuing his multitasking. Like a true hero he refused sustenance so I let him be. It was obvious that he had come to Leeds to do this job, to do it right, to do it once.Later, I came out and asked to view the brake pads and discs. He informed me that there was no need. Like the professional he was, he had already given them the once-over and pronounced them fine.In the house I found my wallet. My car was on the drive. Carl was finishing tightening the bolts. The apprehension of payment loomed but it was what I had been quoted. The process went smoothly with only a slight stir of curtains from the neighbours. The job was done but in 30 minutes, so over schedule.Still, like you might expect, he did offer to finish the washing up, vacuum the house and iron a few shirts to compensate but I said "No, get ye gone". And so he did, with a swagger and assurance reminiscent of a young John Wayne he steered his van south-west towards the wilderness known in Leeds as Burley.

5 star rating
Couldn't have done better

This was my first time using a mobile tyre fitting service.I had an evening appointment, so I was happy that they arrived a little earlier than scheduled. The chap was working fast and was polite, provided an excellent service. Actually if he would have worked faster I assume he would have moved back in time. He had to do some administrative work at the beginning which took some time, but he couldn't stop apologizing for it. To be honest if he wouldn't mention I wouldn't even pick it up as I think it is normal to do some paperwork too, especially if you have to pay afterwards only.My only concern was about balancing the wheels. The equipment is on the truck which is not a solid standing something with the suspensions, but he switched off the compressor before doing the balancing and my tyres are not shaking the steering wheel so far, so I think it is fine. (fitted yesterday, about 30 miles driven since)I had only the two front tyres changed, but he measured the rear tyres' profiles and adjusted the pressure of them too.The pricing is not the cheapest, but considering the fitting prices I think I couldn't get this done cheaper just buying the tyres and going into a garage to have them fitted. Let alone I did not have to look for a garage, get an appointment and drive there. I saved a lot of time and petrol too.I found the online order method easy and convenient, next day I had a phone call from them to discuss the time of the fitting. I had to wait 3 days, but it was not an urgent matter for me, so I didn't really care.All in all I would recommend them, I would definitely use their services again.

5 star rating
A brilliant service

The whole experience has been positive from start to finish. I clicked 'order and immediately got a call to arrange a time slot on the day I'd requested and give me information about what would happen. The chap (very nice and polite) turned up as expected and was finished within 20 minutes. He'd also checked all my tyre pressures and done a visual inspection of my brakes and discs. All of this combined with a great price compared to other local outlets, what's not to recommend?