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Wheel Balancing

our electronic wheel balancer reduces vibration


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Balancing Your Wheels

All of our tyre prices are inclusive of wheel balancing to ensure your ride is as smooth as possible whilst also saving you time and money in the future. We do this because not only will it reduce vibration but it will also reduce the risk of premature ageing to your tyres, suspension and steering components.

If a wheel is unbalanced, you’ll find that when the vehicle is raised on a car jack and the tyre is spun, the wheel will land in exactly the same position every time. So, imagine the effects this will have on the tyre when in contact with the road.

Not only will it create a disturbing vibration particularly felt at high speeds, but you’ll also find that the point of imbalance on the tyre will become worn and uneven in wear compared to the rest of the tread.

We fix this by placing every tyre on our electronic wheel balancer before fitting back to the vehicle – whether that be for a new tyre, tyre rotation or a puncture repair. Rotating the tyre, it can calculate where the tyre is unbalanced which informs us on where to place the small metal weights to help even things up.