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Keeping Staff Safe On The Road

1 in every 10 vehicles in the UK is driving around on unfit and illegal tyres. Raise your staff welfare by offering your employees a unique employee benefit in the form of a Tyre Safety Check. Ensuring that your employees have vehicles that are road safe is a great way to show social responsibility to your staff and of course improved road worthiness decreases the need for staff to have time off to visit a garage for repairs that could have been avoided by carrying out some simple technical checks.

What Is A Tyre Safety Check?

A tyre safety check is when a trained tyre technician checks the depth and condition of all the tyres on your employee’s cars based within a business’s car park. The technician records the tread measurement by simply marking with a cross within the confines of each circle on a plastic tyre safety card. The card is then placed just under the rubber seal on the driver’s side window of their vehicle. The check is carried out on any employee vehicle whether it is privately owned or company owned so all employees are included.

The coloured circles indicate the tread depth. Green indicates the tyre has 3mm or more tread, orange indicates 2-3mm and red indicating that the tyre may not be road worthy, dangerous and potentially illegal. In these circumstances the employee should look to replace the tyre as soon as possible.

Corporate Tyre Safety Check

The Law

In the UK the law requires drivers to have at least 1.6mm of tread around the entire circumference of the tyre. Any driver found to have less than the minimum tyre tread is not only putting themselves at the risk of accident but other road users too. Cars found to have under the minimum tread can command huge fines of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points per tyre!

Corporate social responsibility for just £50

The Corporate Safety check costs just £50 payable in advance. This is a unique employee benefit that raises the credibility of any socially responsible corporate or for an HR manager wishing to supplement an existing employee benefits scheme.

Safety checks can be conducted on between 50 and 200 vehicles within a 2 hour window (please note a minimum of 25 vehicles is required for this service). If two or more employees require tyres to be fitted and book via our call centre advisors on the day, your initial payment of £50 will be reimbursed.

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