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Whether it's mobile tyre fitting, mobile puncture repair or a seasonal re-fit you want, TyresOnTheDrive is a one stop shop for all your tyre needs


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Our Services

Our core services are mobile tyre fitting and mobile puncture repair. If you need new tyres or a puncture repaired and want to save yourself from a weekend spent at the garage, then we’re here to save the day, as we’ll come to you, 7 days a week, whether you’re at home, at work or even at the gym.

And, what’s more, we’re great value for money! Not only do we promise to beat any like-for-like quote, but we include VAT, a new valve (excluding TPMS), balancing and tyre disposal in each quoted tyre price, and mobile fitting is free when you buy two or more tyres.

Read on to find out exactly what’s included when you select mobile tyre fitting and mobile puncture repair, and to discover some of our other services, including seasonal re-fits and tyre rotation.

And, if you still have questions, our specialist advisors are on hand to assist you with all your queries 7 days a week. Just give them a call on 0800 433 4717.

Mobile fitting and puncture repair: what’s included

A new valve (excluding TPMS) – free of charge

Tyre valves are vitally important. They not only provide a primary access point for regulating tyre pressure; they also act as a barrier, preventing dirt and debris from getting into the inner wall of your tyre.

Valves can become damaged due to everyday wear and tear, which is why whenever we fit a new tyre, we also fit a brand new valve (excluding TPMS) free of charge.

Balancing – free of charge

If your tyres aren’t balanced properly they will wear unevenly, and so could need replacing more quickly. What’s more, you may feel a disturbing vibration when driving, especially at high speeds, which could damage your suspension and steering components.

That’s why, as part of our service, when we change a tyre or fix a puncture, we also balance the wheel using the electronic wheel balancer found in each of our vans. This handy bit of tech calculates any point of imbalance, so we can use small metal weights to correct it. Easy!

Tyre disposal – free of charge

We know that most people have no use for their old tyres once we’ve replaced them, which is why disposal is all part of our mobile tyre fitting service and is included in the price.

We take your tyres away and work with a registered waste carrier to make sure that they are disposed of properly, in a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly way.

Over 40 million tyres are disposed of each year in the UK. Around 25% are re-used in various ways, while 75% are reprocessed, so your old tyres could get a second life as carpet underlay or flooring for playgrounds!

Our other services

Tyre rotation – £89.99

One way to extend the overall life of a set of tyres is to move them from one position to another on your vehicle. Our mobile tyre fitting technicians can carry out this service, at your home or work, for £89.99.

Tyres don’t wear evenly: as most cars are front-engine, front tyres tend to wear more quickly as they bear more weight. Recommended best practice is always to have the best tyres – the newest ones with the deepest tread – at the rear of the vehicle for better stability and handling.

While rotating your tyres can ensure even wear and consistent performance, it should only ever be seen as a short-term solution. If you want to enquire about whether tyre rotation is suitable for your vehicle, give one of our friendly advisors a call on 0800 433 4717.

Seasonal re-fit – £89.99

While UK winters can’t rival those seen in Russia, increasing numbers of UK drivers are choosing to change to winter tyres over the colder months and then back to summer tyres when spring arrives to make sure they have the best tyres to deal with changeable weather conditions.

For just £89.99 we can come to you, whether at work or home, and change your winter tyres to your summer ones, and vice versa, whenever the weather starts to change.

All you need to do is make sure you have a cool, stable environment to store your spare set in while they’re out of action.