Caravan and Motorhome Tyres

While your caravan tyres won't face the strain of heavy braking or cornering quite like your car, they will be forced to deal with a much greater load


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What Are Caravan and Motorhome Tyres?

Ensuring the safety of your caravan or motorhome tyres is just as important as ensuring the safety of your car tyres, especially before heading out on long journeys.

Although it's your vehicle's tyres that'll bear the brunt of the load, your caravan tyres play an important role in terms of safety too. In short, they are the only point of contact between your caravan and the road, and making sure that you've got a set that's fit for purpose installed can be the difference between getting from A to B safely, and not getting there at all.

Caravan tyres are no smaller or narrower than regular tyres, and yet the job they perform varies considerably from that of your vehicle tyres. Your caravan tyres won't face the strain of heavy braking or cornering quite like your car, but they will be forced to deal with a much greater load.

An old or under-inflated tyre doesn’t tend to warm to long journeys, often blowing out or causing loss of control. Having the right amount of tread on each of your caravan tyres is also extremely important. Not only will you face a fine of up to £2,500 per tyre if the police find that your tyres have less than 1.6mm across three quarters of the tread: you could also face a three-point penalty on your license for each tyre that's under the legal limit.

How do I get new caravan tyres?

While going to the garage for new tyres is never fun, it’s even more of a chore when getting new tyres for a caravan or motorhome, as many garages require you to take the wheels off your caravan yourself and just take them along. If you don’t feel like removing your wheels, waiting around in a garage and then reattaching them again afterwards, let TyresOnTheDrive come to you and sort the whole thing for you.

It's easy to order your caravan tyres with us – all we need is your tyre size, which can be found on the sidewall of the tyre. To understand how to read a tyre size you can use our helpful ‘how to’ guide.

How do caravan tyres work?

As there's very little difference between regular tyres and caravan tyres, it's hardly surprising to find that they work in a similar way too. Just as your car's tyres are lined with grooves and tread, your caravan tyres will have exactly the same – with each being used to displace water, grit and any other bits of dirt you happen to encounter on your journey.

When should I get new caravan tyres?

Although most caravans don't cover a lot of miles, the tyres still need changing just like your regular set. Caravans, regardless of whether they're stored indoors or outside, will be subject to the elements at some point or another, which means that they're susceptible to erosion and wear. It's worth performing a regular check on all of your tyres for any cracking or crazing of the rubber in the tread grooves or sidewall, as these are sure signs that the rubber is deteriorating.

There is clear evidence that older tyres are more likely to fail due to their exposure to the environment, and it’s inevitable that standing still over the winter months will have taken its toll on the tyres. With this in mind, like The Caravan Club we'd recommend changing your caravan tyres a minimum of once every five years.

Tyron bands – keeping you safer and lowering the cost of insurance

Tyron bands are a safety device attached to the wheel when a new tyre is fitted to your caravan. Using a similar concept to a run flat tyre, a Tyron band allows the driver to continue driving after a puncture by preventing the tyre from lifting. Although the band won’t prevent the tyre from deflating, it will allow you to keep steering and control braking so that you can continue for up to 5 miles and find a safe place to stop.

Tyron bands lower insurance premiums because of the added safety they offer, and they prevent damage to the wheel from touching the road surface, meaning they also save you some hard earned cash. TyresOnTheDrive can fit Tyron bands at a location of your choice – even on campsites – so you won’t have to spoil your holiday waiting at a garage.

Speak to one of our advisors today on 0800 433 4717 and order your Tyron band fitting alongside your new tyres.

Top caravan tyres

Here at TyresOnTheDrive, we like to think that we make the mundane job of changing your tyres as simple as possible. That's why we stock the best caravan tyres available on the market today – all you have to do is enter your details in our handy search bar and pick the set that suits you best.