We Have Tyres For Whatever Vehicle You Drive

We fit tyres to every vehicle, from cars to caravans and motorbikes to 4x4s. Read on to find out more


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We Have Tyres For All Vehicle Types

Our team of professional mobile tyre technicians has years of combined experience in the automotive industry and, as such, has fitted tyres to just about every vehicle, from ambulances to taxis and everything in between. If your vehicle needs a tyre, you bet we can fit it. We have access to a staggering array of tyres, tread patterns and specialist fitments and can meet all of your needs. And of course our mobile fitting service ensures that you benefit from the most convenient and flexible service possible.

Read on to find out the different vehicles types we fit to.


It's estimated that there are currently over 40 million cars on the UK roads, with everything from Smart cars and hybrids to the largest of performance vehicles. We fit to all makes and models, and offer a vast array of tyres to meet every driving need, from fuel efficiency, seasonal performance, improved grip and of course budgetary needs. Stocking the best premium brands, as well as tried and tested budget ranges, TyresOnTheDrive has you covered. Find out more about the types of tyres we supply and fit.

4x4 vehicles

4x4s are much larger than standard cars, and they're designed to drive on a multitude of terrains so require tyres to suit. 4x4 tyres are normally bigger than standard sets, with sizes of 18” and 19” representing the norm. They’re also specially designed to travel at higher speeds, while off-road terrains such as dirt, dust and sand are also taken into consideration.

The main difference between 4x4 tyres and regular sets is in the tread. 4x4 tyres come with a tread that's both widely spaced and deeper than most, which enables them to tackle rougher terrains much more easily. As the tread fills up with dirt or dust, the tyre's wider surface area should provide enough grip to keep you from getting stuck. They're also designed with engine distribution in mind, and have tougher sidewalls to help improve your vehicle's ability to perform under a heavy load.

We have a huge choice of tyres for four wheel drives, including:

  • Mud-terrain (MT) – for the off-road enthusiast. They perform well on mud, rocks, gravel and snow
  • All-terrain (AT) – offer relatively good performance on-road and also off-road
  • Original Equipment (OE) – those fitted by the manufacturer. They are usually designed for limited off-road capacity, with 80:20 on-road/off-road use. They will be matched with the vehicle for noise, comfort and grip for those drivers who spend most of their time on-road
  • High performance – many 4x4s and SUVs are high performance vehicles that require high performing tyres. These offer good grip in all weather conditions on-road but don’t perform well off-road

Caravans and motorhomes

At TyresOnTheDrive we're much more than car tyres; we supply and fit a wide range of caravan and motorhome tyres, and Tyron bands, all at your convenience. We waste no time in supplying and fitting you with the tyres you need right on your doorstep, giving you more time to pack your belongings before you hit the open road. We'll even visit you at the campsite if you have a mishap on route. Read more about our caravan and motorhome tyre services.

Vans and commercial vehicles

As our mobile tyre fitting technicians use vans every day, we know just how important it is to make sure that vans are equipped with a proper set of tyres. Vans carry loads that weigh more than the average tyre can handle, which is why van tyres are designed with strength in mind.

We stock our shelves full of sturdy options with reinforced sidewalls, and fit tyres for a wide range of commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, including specialist fitments and extra load/reinforced tyres. Whatever your budget, we have the right tyre to help you get the job done, whether you’re a gardener, a plumber or just have a lot of kids!

Thinking of investing in a set for your van? Top tip: make sure you're getting the sturdiest set available by buying a van tyres labelled with the XL load index symbol.

We’re big fans of the Firestone Vanhawk and the Bridgestone Duravis, which are extra durable and designed to have a longer lifespan.


We supply and fit tyres for a wide range of trailers – from small domestic trailers to large horse boxes and commercial trailers – including specialist fitments and extra load/reinforced tyres. We fit all of the leading manufacturers and cost-effective brands. Whatever your budget, we'll have the right tyre for you.

Prestige and classic cars

If you're lucky enough to own a prestige or vintage vehicle, then look no further for your tyre needs, as we supply all makes and sizes for vintage and retro car makes. You can even watch our technicians as they work to make sure you're happy!

From classics such as the Austin 7 to the Triumph Spitfire, and the Testa Rossa to the Citroen 2CV, whatever your favourite vintage or classic, if it’s rubber tyres you’re looking for then you’re in the right place.

Track and performance tyres

For speed enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of the race track, we supply all brands and sizes of performance tyres for fast cars. If you’re looking for anything in particular feel free to call us or simply enter your tyre size and filter your results by brand.

High performance vehicles are finely tuned, right down to the tyres, so it's important for the continuing performance of your vehicle that you pick the right brand and specification for your car. We specialise in high performance vehicles and can fit all makes and sizes up to 24”. When we fit your high performance tyres we'll use a computerised wheel balancing tool and fit ‘hidden’ adhesive lead-free weights used specifically for alloy wheels.