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Free Mobile Fitting on Two or More Tyres


There are lots of reasons to have your tyres fitted in pairs


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Free Mobile Fitting on Two or More Tyres

There are lots of reasons to have your tyres fitted in pairs, from balance and stability to even wear, and at TyresOnTheDrive we think it’s so important that we offer FREE mobile tyre fitting on two or more tyres. Amazing, right?!

You’ll notice when you order your new tyres that if you change the quantity from 1 to 2 or more, the charge for mobile fitting disappears in the basket. Magic!

So apart from the cost (which is always a bonus) why fit tyres in pairs?

The front two tyres are fitted to the same axel on your car, as are the rear pair. It’s a little like a seesaw – if you have a worn tyre with 4mm tread on one side, and a new tyre with 8mm tread on the other, the balance between the tyres won’t be right, leaving you with an uneven, unstable drive.

This could cause you issues while you’re out and about, from an unpredictable drive at best to being uncontrollable in emergency situations at worst.

That’s why it’s also really important to make sure that the tyres on each side of the axel are the same size and brand, with the same tread pattern and ratings. You definitely shouldn’t mix winter and summer tyres either.

So next time you need new tyres, think about fitting them two by two!

And if you want to find out more about the benefits of fitting tyres in pairs, read our blog post here.