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Mobile Air Con Regas

About our mobile air con service

Your car’s air conditioning system helps to keep the air inside your vehicle cool, while also filtering out pollen, pollutants and other airborne bacteria that may otherwise enter your car. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it used to, it may be time for an Air Con Re-Gas (also known as an Air Con Recharge). This process replenishes the refrigerant lost over time, keeping the air inside your car cool, clean and comfortable during warmer months.

What’s included?

The Air Con Re-Gas includes:

  • Air con refrigerant recharge to manufacturers’ recommended levels
  • Replenishment of system oil
  • Thorough checks for leaks, performance and temperature
  • Evacuation of moisture and air from the system, plus refrigerant recovery

If, during the re-gas, a system fault is identified, our technician will provide full details of the recommended work before any repairs are carried out.

How often should my air con system be re-gassed?

Every year, your car’s air conditioning system will lose around 10% of the refrigerant needed to keep the system operating as it should. As the level drops, the effectiveness of your air con will also reduce. That’s why we recommend a re-gas every two years to keep your air con performing at its best.

How it works

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