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Windy Driving Tips

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As we creep further and further into spring, you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that now might be the perfect time to remove the de-icer from your car before popping it back in the shed for another six to eight months. 

But while the final inch of snow may have fallen in Jan and Feb, that’s not to say that the road to the Great British Summer will be smooth from here on in.

Affecting visibility, accident risk and vehicle performance, wind is one issue everyone should look out for this spring. So before you do anything (de-icer removal included), it might be worth checking out these top tips.

Check it, don’t wreck it

It may sound pretty boring and very ‘James May’, but checking the weather before you plan your journey could save you some serious headaches later down the line. The Highways Agency are a really careful sort, and they won’t hesitate when it comes to reducing speed limits, closing lanes and shutting high-risk routes if there’s a chance that high winds could lead to a potential incident.

So remember, if there’s a risk of disruption on your desired route, ask yourself: do I really need to travel today? Nine times out of ten the answer will be no – so just stay indoors!

Grandma can wait

As anyone who’s ever driven past a high-sided vehicle while on a windy stretch can tell you, it’s not much fun. Lorries in particular are prone to tipping over in extreme conditions, so if you’re thinking of overtaking one while driving in face-changing winds, be sure to think twice.

Obviously we don’t expect you to sit behind a truck doing 55 mph on your next 100 mile trip to Grandma Dorothy’s, but rather than playing the daredevil, why not wait until there’s a calmer patch of weather before you make your move?

Nail the basics

While planning your route and taking your foot off the gas can help you get to your destination as safely as possible, there are still a few essential tips to consider whenever you find yourself driving in windy weather.

  • Keep your hands at ten to two. Imagine there’s a driving instructor sat in the car – so no slouching against the door frame or fiddling with the radio.
  • Fill up the bottle. Have you got enough wiper fluid to wash away any dust that’s blowing about?
  • Don’t be a dipstick. Your engine is going to have to work a little harder when battling windy roads, so be sure to double check your oil level before setting off.


Safety plays a big part in what we do here at TyresOnTheDrive.com – and we’re always happy to help you get back on the road when you need it most, whatever the weather, and whatever the season.


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