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TyresOnTheDrive.com Coming to a Screen Near You!

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We can’t keep it under our hats any longer, we’re just too excited. TyresOnTheDrive.com have made our first TV ad and we love it! In case you don’t mange to catch it on TV, we thought we’d share it here too.

We wanted our advert to convey the epic journey our tyres take to get to the right customer at the right time, which is all part of our belief that great service should come to you, at the click of a button. We went for rolling hills and dramatic backdrops, but with a playful, fun element, as tyres don’t have to be boring!

It’s amazing the amount of planning that goes into a 30 second advert. We first sat down to talk about making this, and what it would look like, 26 weeks ago – that’s six whole months! Even after we’d decided on the concept for the advert, there were some important decisions to make, like should we have ducks, rabbits or frogs meeting our tyres on their journey (the ducks won)!

Eventually, on a cold, foggy day in March, it was finally filming day. We found ourselves in woodland in the Peak District watching three ducks cross a road, and from there we went on a fun-filled adventure through rolling countryside until we ended up at our final destination: a customer in their house who needed their tyres changing “on the drive”. Catch the action here:

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