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That Awkward Moment When. . .

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If you’re one of those people for whom a trip to the garage brings on a cold sweat, fear not! We’ve devised a handy guide to help you spot the classic warning signs associated with the Great British Garage to make sure you don’t feel intimidated, whilst restoring confidence.

Everyone’s heard the story – someone walks into a garage for a simple service and leaves £500 lighter. While this isn’t the norm, these horror stories can scare off anyone who’s not really sure what goes on under their car bonnet.

For some, the ideal scenario would be avoiding the garage all together. At TyresOnTheDrive.com we do our best to help with this – bringing our service to you when you need new tyres or get a puncture – but sometimes the trip is a necessary one.

Double trouble

Dealing with one mechanic can be tricky enough – so when two decide to stand side by side and tell you that your motor is ‘knick knacked’, it’s normal to feel slightly intimidated.

To avoid this awkward feeling, always be sure to take a friend or family member along with you. Even if you take your 91-year-old granny, it’s much easier to say ‘no thanks’ when there’s someone stood beside you.

Mumbo jumbo

If your mechanic starts waffling on in a language you don’t understand (the left phalange, anyone?), how are you supposed to know if you’re being ripped off or not? Luckily, it only takes two seconds to say “slow down Dave, can you say that again in plain English please?”

If you still don’t understand after he’s tried to explain it in layman’s terms, ask him to write it down. Once you’ve done this, you can go away and do some research of your own. It might even be worth asking another mechanic for a second opinion, just to be extra-sure you’re not getting conned, especially if the work is expensive.

Always ask

You’ve sat in the waiting room, you’ve drank some questionable coffee and now the mechanic is making his way over to you with a face that reads like a doctor who’s got some ‘terrible news’. At this point, there’s a strong chance he’s going to try and reel-off a load of tosh about how your car is on the brink of disaster and how you’re lucky to be alive.

On the off-chance he’s telling porkies, at this point you should ask for him to show you exactly what’s wrong. If he refuses, he’s probably lying. If he tells you it’s ‘too complicated’, he’s probably lying. However, if he accepts and then shows you a series of nasty looking issues, there’s a chance he’s telling the truth – though it might be a good idea to get a second opinion, just in case.


Nobody likes the intimidating environment associated with garages, so the next time you think you need a puncture repairing or you’re running low on tread, simply visit TyresOnTheDrive.com and let our five-star mobile fitters come to you instead.

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