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new 64 plate

September is for NU64 REG

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It’s that time of year again when the DVLA releases a new batch of car registration plates – this time being the new 64 plate.  It’s also the busiest time for car dealers as they take orders for pre registrations and pack their forecourts with a range of the latest and greatest car models ready for the early bird car buyers to take their pick.

Our friends over at Honest John, the independent car advice website have searched the market to find the best 64-plate offers and discounts.   The guys at Honest John say that buying early could save a consumer up to £3K, definitely not to be sniffed at.  Take a look at their round up of the best 64 plate deals currently available.

If you haven’t come across Honest John before, they offer a whole host of independent advice and expertise on all vehicles from A-Z and their non- biased approach and honest reviews make them the number one consumer car information website.  If you have used TyresOnTheDrive before why not help us out by reviewing our service via the Honest John website.

As the new registered cars make their way onto the forecourt, apparently it’s not just about the car.  The 64 plate throws up an array of new private registrations that can be purchased from the DVLA, allowing the discerning private plate buyer to create their own variation of the 64 reg which has opened the doors to some rather interesting possibilities!  For example the number 64 can be interpreted in many different ways within a registration such as  BA, GA, GH, GE, G and A, so variations such as NO64LLS and SH64GGY and even DOG64R, whilst very popular have been censored and banned for sale by the DVLA.

new 64 plate

However with such a lot of options to hand, your next registration could be the best yet.

We would love to hear your own variations, by commenting below.

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