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Random Act Of Kindness Day 2016

Random Act Of Kindness Day 2016!

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Fact: Everybody loves a freebie! So once we found out that today (17th February 2016) is Random Act of Kindness Day 2016, we thought why should one of our customers have to pay for their fitting? Why not just give them their tyres for free?

And that’s exactly what we did.

The lucky punter, Jan Davies from Comberbach in Cheshire. Naturally, she was delighted to not have to fork out for her 2 new Hifly budget tyres for her Nissan Micra – saving herself £95.40 including fitting.

“I’ve just been away with the kids for half term and spent loads of money, so when I noticed I needed two front new tyres, the thought of having to spend another £100 or so didn’t go down too well” says Jan. “Thank you so much, this is great!”

“Just wait till I tell my husband, he’ll be really jealous”

We battered all sorts of ideas round on how we should gear up for Random Act Of Kindness Day 2016. Gifts of flowers, chocs and even personalised marshmallows. But you know what, when it came down to it, we thought… when do you ever WANT to pay for tyres? Never. Not even us! Call it a light bulb moment.

And after seeing Jan’s reaction, it pretty much confirmed we’d made the right decision.

We wish we could give away tyres every single day. Sadly, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. But there must be some terrible pun in there on how we’re nearly giving away our tyres thanks to our great prices. Then again, we wouldn’t want to bore you with such cheese.



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