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People Who Love Their Car Too Much!

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As the world prepares to spend time with loved ones this Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d investigate some of those people who, rather than lavishing time and money on a significant other, are instead paying a little too much attention to their car!

More money than sense

Ever heard the saying ‘more money than sense’? Well this car pretty much sums it up. Swiss entrepreneur Ueli Anliker loved his Mercedes McLaren SLR so much that he spent more than £3.5m on having a team of 35 men turn it into a ‘999 Red Gold Dream’. The car was covered with 25 layers of gold paint and 5kg of gold dust, with other additions including 600 rubies on the inside of the car, jewelled indicators and 24 carat gold covered wheels. It turns out he didn’t love the car *that* much though, as in 2011 he put it up for sale at £7m. A steal!


Source: emercedesbenz.com

This dog is definitely not man’s best friend

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but not everyone feels this way. In 2014, Royston Grimstead gave away his pet border collie spaniel after it chewed right through the wheel arch of his £80,000 Aston Martin, causing £3,000 worth of damage. Apparently he had been considering rehoming the dog anyway, but the destruction was the final straw. That’s a pretty expensive dog chew!

If you can’t find it, build it

When one man realised he couldn’t buy the car he wanted, he loving crafted his own in his shed, spending a year and a half, and £75,000, building a vehicle with a top speed of 192mph that does 0 to 62mph in 2.1 seconds (so fast he has to wear a neck brace when driving it!) The car, which creator Allan Bowker has named the Double Exocet, has been crafted to be as light as possible, with a steel frame that weighs less than 55kg. This is not one for taking to the supermarket though. Aside from the obvious – that the lack of sides and roof makes it pretty impractical in the rain – you need to wear a fireproof race suit to drive it!

Source: YouTube

O car, car, wherefore art thou car?

For some people, a love of cars goes beyond spending vast amounts of time and money on them to actually becoming romantically involved. Edward Smith claims never to have been attracted to women or men, instead being attracted to cars. He writes poetry for them, sings to them and claims to have been *ahem* amorous with more than 1,000. Mr Smith has had several “girlfriends”, and seems to have a preference for VW Beetles. He isn’t the only one though; there are now more 500 “car lovers” across the globe.


Have you got a loved one that’ll be spending time in the garage tinkering with their car this weekend instead of you? Name and shame them here!

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