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Not So Predictable Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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Last week, being the tyre specialists we are, we touched upon the basics in tyre care. This week, we’ve moved onto the bigger picture of vehicle maintenance and instead of patronising you with the usual drone about checking your oil and topping your coolant, we thought we’d make you aware of a few little known facts that can prolong the life of your vehicle…

  1. If you pull into the petrol station and there’s a tanker filing the pumps, simply drive on by and use an alternative station. The turbulence stirs up sediments from the bottom of the fuel tanks which will clog up your fuel filter, effect performance and eventually even cause costly damage.
  2. When turning left or right, do not hold the steering wheel at its furthest point for more than a few seconds as this can cause great damage to the power-steering pump.
  3. Do you appear to be something of a keyring collector? Or even worse can people hear you from a mile off thanks to the jangling of keys in your pocket? It’s time for a detox. When heavy keys are popped into the ignition the weight coupled with the movement whilst driving can eventually lead to ignition switch failure, wearing out the tumblers inside.
  4. When coming to a halt at red lights pull your car out of gear and place into neutral.  When your vehicle is in gear whilst stationary, you’re putting strain on your engine as it’s still working to push the vehicle.
  5. During icy weather, do you find your car door sticks to the seal? Every time you pull and tug away at it, you’re actually damaging the rubber seal. To avoid sticking treat the rubber around your doors and windows with a protectant (preferably non-oil based) to keep it in tip top condition.
  6. We’re all guilty of washing our cars more frequently in the summer as quite frankly we can all see the benefits of our hard work when it’s glistening in the sunshine. So, when the roads turn slushy, wet and ridden with rock salt, it’s no wonder we have no motivation to wash our vehicles. However, what if we told you it’s more important to maintain a clean vehicle in the winter as the rise and fall above and below freezing temperatures speeds up corrosion? Would that change your mind?
  7. Do not overfill your oil when topping up. If you do, when in transmission the levels will rise and create air bubbles that will leak into your oil pump, causing your engine to overheat.
  8. Have you bought a brand-spanking new vehicle straight from the forecourt? Take note…be sure to accelerate slowly on your first outing as the most wear is caused during the very first 10-20 minutes.
  9. Think it’s wise to keep the engine running before or after a long journey? Think again. Because the generated oil pressure is low, it may not be lubricating every part of your engine.


It would be great to hear if you’re guilty of any of these points. Perhaps you’ve had reoccurring problems with all the vehicles you’ve ever owned? If so, please get in touch via our Facebook page.

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