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Goodbye VOSA. Bon Voyage DSA…Hello DVSA

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Next week, as of 1st April 2014, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Driver Standards Agency (DSA) are merging to form a brand new organisation, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, better known to me and you as the DVSA.

Why? The two organisations have been working closely for a significant number of years and the merger will provide users with one destination for all their driving and motoring enquiries, and from what we understand it will offer a better equipped and more efficient customer service experience.

Responsible for the testing and enforcement of driver and vehicle standards in Great Britain, the DVSA will incorporate all the services that have since been provided by the DSA and VOSA.

What are the current differences between the DSA and VOSA?

The DSA’s overall aim is to improve road safety in Great Britain by setting standards for all drivers and motorcyclists.  Developing education and training, this organisation is the governing body who issue your driving test – not to be confused with the DVLA who issue your driving licence.

VOSA on the other hand are responsible for the testing and licensing of your vehicle, ensuring it is both legal and roadworthy (i.e. MOT testing).

What are the responsibilities of the new agency?

With a broad range of duties including those previously ran and looked after by the DSA and VOSA consecutively the DVSA will, also according to gov.uk, “enforce drivers’ hours and licensing requirements, provide training and advice for commercial operators, investigate vehicle accidents, and run tests for instructors of large goods vehicles, as well as driver trainers.” Therefore, those who own a business fleet or operate large goods vehicles should definitely familiarise themselves with the new agency.

If you want to find out more about the new merger and how it may or may not affect you, please visit gov.uk

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