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Fuel for Thought

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Throughout the automotive industry, manufacturers are constantly battling it out to produce a vehicle that’s capable of covering endless miles without burning too much fuel – meaning the current market is awash with economical engines and futuristic designs. That’s great news if you’re the type of driver who loves spending more time behind the wheel than stood at the pumps.

Sick of refuelling and fancy a change? Here are just a few of our favourite motors that prioritise MPG before MPH.

Starting small. . .

The supermini market is expanding rapidly and manufacturers are all scrapping it out to deliver the next big thing. Ford, in particular, has done wonders of late, and the all-new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is a car that’s deserving of its praise. Not only does it boast a diesel engine that’s capable of 88.3mpg, it also has fuel-efficient tyres to help reduce rolling resistance.

. . . getting bigger

The Honda Civic is a versatile, futuristic and well-built car that’s perfect for drivers who want to get as much out of their fuel tanks as possible without compromising on things like style and practicality. The official figures for the latest 1.6 i-DTEC suggest that the Civic is capable of achieving 78.5mpg – which is simply staggering for a car that can get from 0 to 60mph in just over 10 seconds.

Bigger still. . .

Family saloons aren’t typically renowned for their economic prowess, but in recent years manufacturers have taken huge strides towards a much-improved future. The Mercedes Benz C200 Bluetec AMG Line is a perfect example of this – and when you consider this particular Benz is capable of reaching 72.4mpg, it’s easy to see why.

. . .too big?

When it comes to making efficient, futuristic cars that simply go on forever, the SUV and 4X4 market remains one of the strongest throughout the industry. One example of this can be seen in the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUV. Capable of clocking 148mpg, the reason behind the Outlander’s staggering efficiency lies in its hybrid-drive system – where the petrol engine works in tandem with a set of electronic batteries and motors in a bid to tick all the eco boxes.

Here at TyresOnTheDrive, we like to think of ourselves as being pretty futuristic too – which is why we believe that rather than wasting any fuel running to your local garage, why not let us come to you instead? Interested? Get in touch today!

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