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Free Taxi Ride? Thanks Dad!

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Dads are great, aren’t they!? From their encyclopaedic knowledge of DIY to their mysterious grasp of how all things work, they are pretty much super heroes without the capes. One of their best uses? Free taxi rides!

Our friends at Goodyear recently did some research* about the extent to which UK parents act as a free taxi service, and discovered that they spend a whopping 197 days – or 26,741 miles – ferrying their children around to school, friends’ houses and nights out before they reach their 20th birthday.

When split out, this means the average parent clocks up 3 hours and 34 minutes a week – more than 30 miles – in the car with their children. That’s 3,147 hours behind the wheel playing taxi driver to their kids from when they are three to 20.

And it’s not just driving kids around…Goodyear found that parents spend up to 30 hours 46 minutes a year sat in the car waiting to pick up their children, and 53 minutes a week, or up to 46 hours a year, trying to get small children into the car in the first place!

The Goodyear survey found that while 49% give their children lifts because they feel it’s the safest way to get them from A to B, 20% of those with children aged 12 to 16 think their kids are just ‘too lazy’ to walk, cycle or get a bus, while 7% of those with children aged 17 to 20 think they are emotionally blackmailed into giving their kids lifts!

A lot of parents get their own back though: 50% ask their kids about their schoolwork; 15% test their children’s knowledge; and 14% quiz them about their personal life ‘as they can’t get away’.

Even once we’re old enough to drive ourselves around, dads aren’t off the hook. Whether it’s asking for help with putting up shelves, or filling out mortgage applications, they’re always on call to help us win at life.

Tell us what you still ask your dad for help with, and we’ll reward the best dad rescue stories with something you can give back for a change!


* Goodyear surveyed 2,000 UK parents with children aged 3–20 via OnePoll to explore the parent taxi service and specifically look at how parents spend the time in the car with their children.

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