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Travelling Abroad: European Car Insurance and Breakdown Cover

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As the excitement begins to settle in after initially booking your road trip around Europe, it’s wise to get a few of the sensible items out of the way so you can continue to enjoy planning your much anticipated holiday.

European Car Insurance

Accidents happen, it’s a fact of life, and therefore you need to make certain you’re covered for any nasty surprises. Your car insurance policy usually covers you for travelling within the continent; however it’s rare for providers to automatically offer comprehensive cover. With the majority of European countries offering less than the UK’s Third Party, Fire and Theft coverage, ensuring you have maximum protection can prove invaluable.

Firstly, ring your insurance provider to check over the details of your current policy, questioning whether there is a possibility to upgrade or add on European car insurance for the duration of your holiday. Otherwise, simply shop around.

Things to look out for:

  • The majority of policies automatically cover your vehicle for 90 days abroad. But for the everyday holidaymaker, this is a little excessive. Look around for an insurer who offers policies for between 1 – 28 days.
  • Upon booking, double check the small print as although it may state you’re receiving European coverage, some insurers will only cover those in the European Union.


European Breakdown Cover

Have you considered what will happen if your car (no matter how reliable) breaks down? Considering you’re clocking up the mileage and the entirety of your holiday is reliant on the running of your vehicle, it’s vital that you have comprehensive European breakdown cover in place to ensure your holiday isn’t delayed or in the worst case, terminated.

Like car insurance, your current UK breakdown policy will not necessarily give you the same level of protection once you leave our shores. Before setting up any additional cover, check with your current provider’s policy and if it is insufficient there are two coverage options available to you – a single trip or 12 month European breakdown policy, dependant on your needs.

Unlike the UK, there are a number of levels of cover to choose from. Because of the unfamiliar surroundings, we would always advise you to purchase the highest grade as despite the premium cost, the premium service you’ll receive will rescue your holiday from unforeseen pitfalls.

Minimal coverage will give you a very basic service, offering roadside repairs. But what if your car needs to be towed to the garage? Well to put it bluntly, you and your family will be stranded. Not exactly a great start to the holiday. On the other hand, purchasing top level comprehensive coverage will let you specify a garage location, provide you with a courtesy car and even overnight accommodation. Check the small print to see what’s included in your policy.

It’s definitely worth dedicating some of your time to researching the best deals when comparing coverage and price. Although they may be an item that you hadn’t initially budgeted for, without them it could potentially cost you the entire holiday.  


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