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DVLA website crashes

DVLA Website Crashes and Phone Lines are Down Following the New Car Tax Rules

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Today marks a massive change in the DVLA history books with the new car tax rules and the abolishment of the tax disc. But things haven’t exactly gone to plan for the start of a new digital era, leaving many UK drivers without tax on their vehicles on what is essentially their first day of trading.

As of 1st October 2014, drivers have been told to rip up their car tax discs as the DVLA’s new digital system takes over, identifying those vehicle owners who are dodging car tax via the new automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology found within the road traffic cameras up and down the country.

But last night and today, as thousands of drivers rushed to the website to renew their car tax they were presented with page announcing the online service currently being unavailable (see below) after it was unable to handle such an influx of traffic.

Redirected to use the automated phone system, users were left with their heads in their hands as the they discovered that the phone lines were down too, cutting off once the number was dialled. Causing much outrage, many drivers have been left in a panic as they worry over facing a possible £1000 fine.

dvla website crashes

But this isn’t the first time the new system, which is reportedly saving the DVLA £10 million pounds a year in printing and delivery costs, has made the headlines. The new system has already been under much scrutiny as figures have already shown up to 1.2 million vehicles wrongly identified every single day!

Misreading the letter ‘O’ for the number zero and screws, bolts and dirt throwing the plate readings off track, shows that unless the technology is improved these new ANPR cameras could cause many an issue in the future. Only time will tell.

So above all, what we’re trying to say is that if you need to renew your car tax today, forget this new digital era and just stick to the old fashioned way of visiting your local Post Office!

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