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Reasons to buy premium

New Tyres: The Benefits of Buying Premium

While it can be tempting to go for the cheaper option, especially as tyres aren’t the most exciting of purchases, this can be a false economy. Premium tyres have a number of benefits over their mid-range and budget counterparts that can make them a worthwhile investment. As well as improved performance and superior safety, premium tyres will generally last longer and can help to reduce your fuel bills too.

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Saving the World with Tech: Mother’s Day Special

We all know mums are super, but new mums are the most super of all. While the rest of us complain about being too busy, new mums are juggling sleepless nights with screaming babies and endless feeds. So we figured, if anyone needs amazing tech to save them time and money, it’s this lot. Just in time for Mother’s Day (hint, hint dads) here is our special mum-themed instalment of Saving the World with Tech.

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Saving the World with Tech

At TyresOnTheDrive we have a mission: to save the world from the chore of car maintenance. However, we’re not the only company that thinks chores are the worst, so we thought we’d investigate some of the innovative chore-busting tech out there that could make your life easier and help you spend less of your precious time on boring tasks, whatever they are! Welcome to our new monthly series: Saving the World with Tech.

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Why Fit Tyres In Pairs?

Some things in life just naturally work better in pairs. Shoes, Salt & Pepper, Ant & Dec …add to that list, your tyres! They’re quite literally a match made in heaven. Make them work independently and well, you’ll be in for spell of unpredictable behavior we’re afraid. Much like the rest of the items on the list. Not good.

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Michelin CrossClimate: Arm Yourself For Every Weather

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite ‘go-to’ topic of conversation – the Weather (not that we haven’t got anything else to talk about). But when it’s being so inconsistent and unpredictable of late, how can we not? Snow storm one day, 10 degrees the next… it’s hard to keep up. And the same goes for your tyres. Step forward the Michelin CrossClimate.

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Braking Bad

More than seven in ten Brits admit their own poor driving adds to road rage as driver error remains the greatest cause of accidents, according to new research by Continental Tyres.

The study reveals that over 25 million motorists apply double-standards and get sufficiently wound up by the slack habits of others, resulting in them reacting angrily and even driving more aggressively.

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fitting tyres in pairs

Why Should I Buy Tyres in Pairs?

Salt & Pepper, Ant & Dec, Batman & Robin… some things work better in pairs and the same goes for your tyres – the fronts and the rears.

Fitted on the same axle (a central rod that connects a group of wheels), it’s clear to see why we always recommend changing your tyres in sets of 2 for balance and stability to remain between wheels.   Read More