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#BeatsChangingTyres: What would you rather be doing?

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We’ve been asking, “What would you rather be doing that #BeatsChangingTyres?” … and the answers have been flooding in by the bucket load. It appears there’s actually quite a bit you’d all rather be doing than sitting in a cold garage, waiting for your tyres to be changed! Who knew?!

Over the last few months, our customers have been sending in some lovely examples via our Facebook page. Here’s some our favourites…

Tim, would rather put himself through torture than change his tyres! Now, that says something.

It looks like Jodie has got a task on her hands with this one…


Helen’s entry pulled at our heartstrings…


Now there was some definite effort from Nicola! Certainly made us chuckle.


And Chloe was implying that 4th year lectures were just as boring…


Whilst, Daniel was definitely the hero of the day.daniel-redfern

TyresOnTheDrive.com aren’t just about tyres. In fact, that’s just the product we sell. We’re actually all about the service. By having your tyres fitted at your convenience and a location of your choice, we’re allowing you some free time that would have otherwise been spent in the garage.

So, if there is something you’d rather be doing than drinking rubbish coffee out of a plastic cup, let us know on our Facebook page. And if it makes us smile, then we’ll make it happen!!

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