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Activities To Keep The Kids Busy On Long Car Journeys

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Travelling long distances with young children can become a complete nightmare and potentially leave you feeling like you need a holiday to just get over the journey. We’ve all been there “Are we nearly there yet?” The barrage of questions and squabbling siblings are enough to drive you to a complete breakdown. But don’t be put off as help is here. With a little planning, a touch of hindsight and our top 7 kids travel activities you will be well on your way to a relaxing and fun filled holiday.

1.       Keep everyone informed

Put together an information pack for the younger ones to digest on the way.  Include a map of the campsite or holiday village, leaflets for attractions or activities.  Everyone likes to know what to expect from their holiday and that goes for the younger members of your family too.  Keeping everyone in the picture and avoiding incessant questions throughout your journey.  The activity village has lots of activity printables for every holiday occasion.


2.       Get Crafty

Kids love making things and you don’t need to get messy to get crafty in the car.  Here’s a few   no-mess crafty activities for the long haul.

in-car children's activites

Colour your own backpack – we all need a holiday bag.  Try the latest coloring-in backpacks that will keep the kids occupied for at least an hour plus they get somewhere neat to store all their holiday essentials.

in-car children's activites

Magna doodle and magic pens are perfect no-mess arty fun.  Doodle to your hearts content and wipe clean and start again.


3.       Car Bingo

This novelty take on the classic Bingo game is free to print.  Spot landmarks, livestock, road signs …you get the picture, then from your bingo card eliminate the pictures.  You can hand out sweets or holida

y pounds for lines and full house winners.

TIP: Laminate your bingo card printables to use again and again.


4.       Travel Games

in-car children's activites

They may seem like a thing of the eighties but these miniature classic board games are a timeless hit with the kids and with so many variations from classic connect 4 and Monopoly to Brain- Box, Guess Who, Battleships and Scrabble, and hours of game play they are a perfect addition to your holiday plus they are geared up to suit travel which means they are small and the board varieties have magnetic boards to keep all your pieces in one place.  Best of all they are small enough to fit more than one in your case.


5.       I spy with my little eye…

in-car children's activites

It may not be a contender when it comes to iPads, DVD’s and travel games, but definitely a great finale to a journey when getting close to your destination.  Anticipate landmarks eg: Angel of the North, Blackpool tower etc, and give your kids a fun build up to their arrival at the holiday destination.


6.       Nosey Neighbours

in-car children's activites

School holidays spell traffic jams, they’re unavoidable and one of the most frustrating situations for restless kids.  Put an end to the monotony with a simple game of nosey neighbours.  To play everyone chooses a window and takes a quick peek at the person in the car nearest to them. Then it’s up to you to decide what sort of person they are. Choose a name, give them a voice, pick a job – add an extra dimension to the fun by avoiding being seen by your chosen target. If you do get spotted then you lose your turn.  This game is guaranteed fun.


7.       The number Plate game

Let kids imaginations run wild with this story telling game.  Everyone chooses a car and memorises the last three letters of its number plate.   They then have to make up a story using the letters as inspiration. The first letter is used to make up the name of the main character, the second letter can be an item or animal and the third letter should depict what the character is doing.  Create ingenious and whacky story lines with this simple boredom busting game.


Got more ideas to keep the kids amused?  Feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.

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