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30,000 people love us!

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…and we love them back! At the beginning of October, TyresOnTheDrive.com, only went on to smash 30k reviews on independent review site, TrustPilot.co.uk. And the best part is, we’re still top of the charts, reigning tyre champions in the Tyre category. That’s a pretty big deal.

It only seemed like yesterday when we hit the 20k mark, whereas here we are just a few months down the line with another 10,000 reviews under our belt. Proud doesn’t quite cover it.

So, what was our 30,000th review? It came from Ron. It may be short, but it’s to the point and for that, we love it.
Ron *****

Very good service


But you know what brings a smile to our face more than anything? The fact that a whopping 94.2% of our reviews have been awarded the full 5 stars by our customers! In fact, less than 2% of our reviews are 3 star and below. That’s some pretty good going.

Our industry has such a bad rep for customer service and frankly, we don’t want to be tarnished with the same brush. That’s why our reviews and our customers’ opinions are so important to us, even when it’s a negative review – we’re here to learn from our mistakes and improve, after all.

How did we celebrate? With a ton of Krispy Kreme’s, that’s how. Oh yes, we’re no fools, we know how to party. That and focussing on our next goal, 40k reviews… we’re coming to get you!


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