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Tyre Industry Links


The National Tyre Distribution Association

NTDA, is the UK's leading tyre trade association, as a member we have access to the latest technical, legislative information and advice and continued training resources for our employees. We also work very closely with the NTDA towards encouraging greater control and increased inspection of the part worn tyre market in a bid to make UK roads a safer place for all motorists.

Tyre Safe

Tyre Safe

Tyre Safe is one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers associated with defective or illegal tyres. Here at TyresOnTheDrive we support and promote tyre safety by actively supporting tyre safe campaigns and ensuring we spread the safety message throughout our day to day operations, communications and tyre safety awareness activities.


The Bristish Tyre Manufacturing Association (BTMA)

The British Tyre Manufacturing Association is a trade organisation that aims to promote and represent the interests of the the tyre maunufacturing industry in the UK and abroad. They cover a wide spectrum of industry interests including health and safety, environmental performance, regulatory and legislative laws to promote and assist businesses in the tyre industry to compete more effectively.